Happy new year!!! This year, I’m going to stay in Australia from next month. I’m really excited about that. I want to make many friends from other countries and I want to experience something new. Australia is another homeland for me so I need to learn about Australia and I want to spend time with my family in Australia. Of course I will study hard many thing by English and I hope my English will improve. Then I want to get high score in TOEIC or TOEFL. But these things that I wrote down are things that almost everyone may do when they study abroad. So I want to do something different with others, such as do a part time job, join the club or volunteer activity. I need to find something as soon as I arrive Australia. Also, I need to think about my future dreams and prepare for the job haunting. Like this, there are many things that I have to do in Australia. I can’t waist the time there. I will work hard!!

My winter vacation

The biggest thing that I enjoyed during winter vacation was “playlounge 2013″. It was a fashion show but not professional one. It was kind of event by students from many school and different age. I joined this event as a model. There were about 80 models in this event and at first there were no person who I know, but we had a walking lessons ones a week for about two months, so I could make many new friends. Of corse there were many difficult things, but when I walk on the runway and many my friend came to the event and watch me, I felt very happy and I really enjoy it. It was really nice experience.

From the end of the 2013, I went to my grand parents’ house with my mother. Every year I spend with my family on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. I could rest, sleep a lot and eat a lot at my grand parent’s house. Last year, my family past away so we couldn’t celebrate the New Year’s Day, but still it was nice time to spend with my family.

On January 3rd, I went to ” isejingu” with my mother. When I was a child, we use to go there every year, but recently we had no time to go because it is little bit far from here I live. According to my mother, “isejingu” is very spiritual place and this year, the god in “isejingu” moved to new place. This god moving is held once every 20years. I had a nice time and it was grate place to visit in New Years.

“Patriotism” and “Religion”

We can see the difference of the way to show the patriotic feeling between each country. When I went to America, I saw many American frag in front of many houses. I was surprised because it’s hard to see the Japanese frag in Japan. However, can we say Japanese are less patriotism that other countries? I read the article that Chinese woman wrote. She was saying that Chinese should follow Japanese the way of showing their patriotic feeling. According to her article, Japanese show their patriotism very quietly. They don’t shout or show their feeling emotionaly like Chinese. She said this is due to Japanese shyness character. I think this article is very “Uchi, Soto” thinking and we can’t say every people are this of corse, but I think we are tend to be like this. Then why are we like this? I think one of the reason is religion. About ten years ago, there was a big terrorism “9.11”. One of the reason why this happened was religion problem. People who did this terrorism were Islam, and they were angry because American military were try to go inside the Mecca which is sacred place of Islam. In Japan, there are few people who seriously believe in religion. That’s why may be there are not much extreme motion in Japan. Piety might be related to patriotism.

What is “Japanese”?

I was born as half Japanese and half Australian. I spend a hard childhood thinking that “Am I Japanese?”.
At school, sometimes teacher categorize us as Japanese, and each time I ask myself “Am I Japanese too?”. Some children said to me “You are not Japanese. Your hair is not black. Your eyes are not black. You are different from us”. Since then, I wished to be “Japanese”. I wanted to be same as others.
I think Japanese hate the differences. They try to find the difference and point out. I learned many thing from this class like what is Japaneseness and what is not. I realized that my way of thinking was very stereotyped. Now, I can say I’m “Japanese”. There are many way to be “Japanese”.
Honestly, it’s still difficult for me to find the collect answer for this topic, but I think I’m getting close to it.

Transcultural Space

There are many transcultural space in Japan now. For example, Tokyo Disney land is one of them. In America, there is a Disney world and that is the model of Tokyo Disney land. We can see many foreigner in there who are enjoying TDL. Also there are many foreigner who work at TDL. (People who act like a prince or princes, or character which appears in Disney movies…etc) Disney is loved by many people in all over the world.
Another place which came up in my mind is Starbucks. Starbucks’s origin is not Japan, but it is very famous in Japan now. We can see Starbucks in many place in Japan and it is very hard to find a person who don’t know about the Starbucks. Also, we can see many foreigner in Starbucks as a customer.
These are only an example. I think there are many many transcultural place in Japan.


You had a bad day
Just sleep tight with sweet dreams
You have a new day

I wrote this Haiku because I love to sleep and if I had a bad day, I often try to forget it by sleeping. When I wake up, a new day is starting.

From my writing class

Things that I learned from this class are very difficult but very important. Nat and my class mate always show me the different way of thinking. For example, thinking about the “Japanese food” was very new idea for me. We could think about it deeply  and it was more than thinking about “food”. I learned that each person has a different idea of each country’s culture or image. But most people (including me) still have a stereotype. However, we have to put in our mind that people are all different and diversity in many ways. We can’t put them into one group. We need to make space so that we can think differences.

Honestly, this class is very difficult for me because I have to think about many difficult things very deeply. I haven’t think such a thing in my daily life. However, this class give me the opportunity to think about these kind of difficult issus and I think it’s very good for me.