“Patriotism” and “Religion”

We can see the difference of the way to show the patriotic feeling between each country. When I went to America, I saw many American frag in front of many houses. I was surprised because it’s hard to see the Japanese frag in Japan. However, can we say Japanese are less patriotism that other countries? I read the article that Chinese woman wrote. She was saying that Chinese should follow Japanese the way of showing their patriotic feeling. According to her article, Japanese show their patriotism very quietly. They don’t shout or show their feeling emotionaly like Chinese. She said this is due to Japanese shyness character. I think this article is very “Uchi, Soto” thinking and we can’t say every people are this of corse, but I think we are tend to be like this. Then why are we like this? I think one of the reason is religion. About ten years ago, there was a big terrorism “9.11”. One of the reason why this happened was religion problem. People who did this terrorism were Islam, and they were angry because American military were try to go inside the Mecca which is sacred place of Islam. In Japan, there are few people who seriously believe in religion. That’s why may be there are not much extreme motion in Japan. Piety might be related to patriotism.