What is “Japanese”?

I was born as half Japanese and half Australian. I spend a hard childhood thinking that “Am I Japanese?”.
At school, sometimes teacher categorize us as Japanese, and each time I ask myself “Am I Japanese too?”. Some children said to me “You are not Japanese. Your hair is not black. Your eyes are not black. You are different from us”. Since then, I wished to be “Japanese”. I wanted to be same as others.
I think Japanese hate the differences. They try to find the difference and point out. I learned many thing from this class like what is Japaneseness and what is not. I realized that my way of thinking was very stereotyped. Now, I can say I’m “Japanese”. There are many way to be “Japanese”.
Honestly, it’s still difficult for me to find the collect answer for this topic, but I think I’m getting close to it.

Transcultural Space

There are many transcultural space in Japan now. For example, Tokyo Disney land is one of them. In America, there is a Disney world and that is the model of Tokyo Disney land. We can see many foreigner in there who are enjoying TDL. Also there are many foreigner who work at TDL. (People who act like a prince or princes, or character which appears in Disney movies…etc) Disney is loved by many people in all over the world.
Another place which came up in my mind is Starbucks. Starbucks’s origin is not Japan, but it is very famous in Japan now. We can see Starbucks in many place in Japan and it is very hard to find a person who don’t know about the Starbucks. Also, we can see many foreigner in Starbucks as a customer.
These are only an example. I think there are many many transcultural place in Japan.