My response to Taro Aso

 What is Japan? Taro Aso saied that Japan is one nation, one civilisation, one language, one culture and one race. Is it true? My opinion is no. What kind of food do we often eat? Carry, pasta, hamburger… Are these food Japanese? It could be. However, these food are originally from other countries. Then, are we liveing with one culture? I think the answer is no. Like looking the food what we often eat, culture is mixed. How about the language and race? Of course, Japan’s language is Japanese. However, there are many people who speaks other languages. We are the one of the example of this. We can speak both Japanese and English. Also, there are meny people who are from other countries and now living in Japan. Their national language is not Japanese. I’m half Japanese and half Australian. My national language is Japanese and English. How about my race? My race is also mixed. My language and race are not “one”. Then, aren’t I Japanese? I think I’m absolutely Japanese. Since the Japan started to contact and have a relationship with other countries, Japanese culture, language, race… are not “one”. Many other countries’ thing are mixed.

2 thoughts on “My response to Taro Aso

  1. I learned and considered about Japanese food in the last blog. And I think it is a good example to show not to be one culture. I agree with your opinion.

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