The word that was spoken by Christel Takigawa in the presentation for the Olympic became very famous. The word is “Omotenashi”. This is one of the important Japanese spirit and I would like to consider it as a Japanese culture.

First of all, what is “Omotenashi”? “Omotenashi” is similer to hospitality. This is the spirit which we welcome and take care guests without expect anything in return. This spirit is very important for Japanese. There are many places that we can experience “Omotenashi”. For example, if you go to restaurant, clerk will give you a wet towel called “Oshiboli”. Usually, if the weather is hot, cold “Oshiboli” is given, and if the weather is cold, hot “Oshiboli” is given. Giving this “Oshiboli” to each customer is one of the “Omotenashi” spirit, and it is also one of the Japanese cuture. Another example is, you can experience the hightest “Omotenashi” supirit in Japanese hotel, “ryokan”. It is kind of symbol of “Omotenashi” and I think you can’t experience such a high level “Omotenashi” in other places or countries. Now, Japan is trying to show the Japanese “Omotenashi” culture to the world and Olympic wich will held in Tokyo in 2020 will be the biggest opportunity for that.

Like this, Japanese culture is not just a “thing” that we can see. The “spirit” that we can not see is also very important Japanese culture. I hope we can show this Japanese wonderful “Omotenashi” spirit to all over the world.


2 thoughts on ““OMOTENASHI”

  1. i agree with your idea that omotenashi sprit is one of the important parts of japanese culture and unique part of japan. i’m also excited about olympic games in 2020 to show everybody from all over the world japanese omotenashi sprit.

    • Thank you shoko!
      Yes, I’m really excited about the Olympic in2020 too! I hope I can go and watch the games. Also I want to do something to show Omotenashi spirit.

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