From my writing class

Things that I learned from this class are very difficult but very important. Nat and my class mate always show me the different way of thinking. For example, thinking about the “Japanese food” was very new idea for me. We could think about it deeply  and it was more than thinking about “food”. I learned that each person has a different idea of each country’s culture or image. But most people (including me) still have a stereotype. However, we have to put in our mind that people are all different and diversity in many ways. We can’t put them into one group. We need to make space so that we can think differences.

Honestly, this class is very difficult for me because I have to think about many difficult things very deeply. I haven’t think such a thing in my daily life. However, this class give me the opportunity to think about these kind of difficult issus and I think it’s very good for me.

One thought on “From my writing class

  1. Hi Hana! Yes! As you mentioned, it is kind difficult to think, and analyze each countries’ culture or food even my coutry! I also understand your feeling and thought that everyone has different idea and it is good to get new idea for me.


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